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Rue de la colline 24, 1000 Bruxelles
Heuvelstraat 24, 1000 Brussels
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+32 492 21 58 63



Metro : bourse/central station

Bus : grand-place

Train station : Brussels central

car park : grand market car park

asked questions


1What is virtual reality?
Virtual reality consists of projecting in a helmet a universe in which a spectator will find himself immersed. In the case of Flybox, this is more of an immersive reality. The visitor is immersed in a bubble of real images of Belgium, filmed by Imagine Belgium and the company de pinxi. The visitor is able to look in all directions, 360 degrees, and discover some surprises.
2Is there a size limit for children?
There is no size limit for the virtual reality experience. The participant will be seated on a swing to simulate the impression of a zip line. However, fixed seats will be available for people who do not wish to be on these structures.
3How many people can participate at a time?
Flybox by Imagine Belgium will open its doors on september first with 12 take-off structures, for sanitary measures. Eventually, 25 people can take part in the experience, alone, as a couple, with family or friends. It is also possible to book in groups.
4Can we participate in the experiments with glasses?
Of course, you can keep your glasses under the virtual reality helmet.
5Does the Flybox experience feel nauseating like some virtual reality attractions?
For the vast majority of visitors, no. The movements of the zip line will accompany your movements and therefore allow your brain to feel the movements it perceives. This is nothing like the virtual reality experiences that project a roller coaster movie, motorcycle rides or acrobatic flights, which make the spectator lose his balance and become nauseous.
6Is the Flybox experience a thrill or does it make you dizzy?
The Flybox attraction has been designed to offer a ride over Belgium, with magnificent views and pleasant sensations. The flying experience could be impressive, but above all we want to give you the pleasure of flying over Belgium's monuments and magical places and show you the country in a new way! However, if you are prone to altitude phobia, we might recommend you to leave your seat.
7Is it accessible to people with health problems or pregnant women?
The flight is "gentle", however, for your safety, you must be in good health and not suffer from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, epilepsy or other health problems that could be aggravated. The attraction is not recommended for pregnant women. If in doubt, contact your doctor in advance.
8Is it suitable for the elderly?
Flybox welcomes an intergenerational audience and wants to encourage older people to come and try out virtual reality.
9In what language is it held?
The Flybox experience is available in any language. The film projected in the virtual reality headsets has no audio commentary. However, locations will be written on the screen in english. The visitor is only carried away by the images and music.
10Are there any outfits that are not recommended? (Stiletto heels, short skirt...).
There are no outfits that are not recommended to try our virtual reality attraction.


1What is included in the price?
The Flybox ticket includes the experience. When using our Photo Booth, you will be able to upload your photos directly online via your email address. If you wish to get your photos in paper format, Imagine Belgium will develop them for an extra charge.


1How do I make a reservation?
In order to make a reservation you have to go through Ticket Master. We encourage e-tickets, as stipulated in the covid-19 measures.
2Is it possible to have lunch on site?
It is not possible to have lunch on site. The site does not offer a catering service. Picnics are not permitted. However, there is a multitude of restaurants on the Grand Place and within walking distance of our experience. Ask the reception for advice, we would be delighted to guide you!
3Can we come with school groups?
Flyblox is available for school groups by reservation. Contact our sales department: [email protected]
4Can we privatize?
Flybox can be privatized for all kinds of events: seminars, team buildings, anniversaries, bachelor(ette) party, receptions, etc. We have a room that can accommodate up to 100 people with a breathtaking view of the Grand Place! For more information, contact our sales department: [email protected]