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Imagine Belgium is a start-up created in 2018 with a bold vision : revolutionizing the culture and tourism sectors by using new technologies! Our project is big and so are our values to make it come true. We are dedicated to promote our historical and cultural heritage in a respectful way for both our patrimony and our environment. We are truly committed to promote our Belgian talents in our shop and other European companies that share our vision. Find out how Imagine Belgium is developing a VR experience to (re)discover Belgium in a non-invasive way !

    don’t miss a beat

    Our small country has a lot to offer, us locals! The diversity of our landscapes encourages us to set off on an adventure and our historical heritage invites us to travel back in time.

    We have so many reasons to be proud of our little Belgium that it would be a shame to miss out on some great discoveries just a stone’s throw away!