Imagine Belgium is a young startup creating you a new virtual reality experience in Brussels. City trips are known to be short and sweet, but how can one visit a country and fully discover its culture and history in a short and fun way?

Imagine Belgium gives you a taste of Belgium and Brussels. Discover the country in a different way and decide effortlessly what your next Belgian adventure will be with Flybox.


An evolutive

Imagine Belgium unveils its very first immersive attraction with Flybox, the VR experience to fly over Belgium, right on the Grand-Place. But that's not all! In 2021, Imagine Belgium will launch an new immersive museum around Belgium and its culture.


Baudouin de Troostembergh invents the Imagine Belgium concept. Eager to boost downtown Brussels, to offer a new tourist attraction and inspired by the Time Travel Vienna experience, the founder defined the foundations of the immersive experience to come.


The Imagine Belgium project is achieved with the arrival of Marie Logé at its head. The new manager and co-founder of the startup refines the concept and sets up a team of creatives to bring the project to fruition. Imagine Belgium will be an interactive museum using new digital technologies to help people discover the country in a different way. The opening of the full experience is planned for September 2020.


The project is evolving. A first phase, prior to the full experience, is now conceived : Flybox. The Virtual Reality flight simulator over Belgium is a proof of concept, validating what is next to come. The Flybox pop-up store is designed to meet the public, adapt and improve the second phase of Imagine Belgium: the immersive museum. The soft opening of the Flybox experience, despite the covid-19 crisis, was a success.


The work on the immersive museum can finally begin, thanks to the planning permission. A real " Belgian generator factory" is finally taking shape and unveiling a new 60-minutes immersive experience. Thanks to new digital technologies such as 3D mapping, 5D cinema, 360° projections and virtual reality, visitors will discover Belgium, its history, gastronomy and culture.



Imagine Belgium is constantly looking for innovation in terms of technology and scenography. Let's redefine the codes of traditional tourist attractions!


We all have a role to play regarding the climate change. Let's do our best for the planet. Imagine Belgium is built through local partnerships, promotional and industrial materials recycling and by displaying sustainable Belgian and European brands.


Thanks to a partnership strategy based on transparency, Imagine Belgium is developing collaborations with external entities that will make this project more extraordinary.


Imagine Belgium is working on the quality of its services, its offers and its partnerships in order to offer the best possible family entertainment experience.


Our team

Marie Logé

CEO & Co-founder

Baudoin de Troostembergh


Marie Schyns

Head of Communication

Axel Forment

Business Developer

Maxime Nolf

Business Analyst

Ines Polet

Office Manager

Ombeline Castelein

Digital Marketer

Loïc De Caluwé

Business Developer


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